Bob & Christi CagePurchased in 1950 by Robert C. Cage, this Lincoln and Cheyenne County ranch is nearly 40,000 acres.

We are capable of running a 1,200 head cow/calf operation and occasionally pasture cattle from spring to fall.

This rolling prairie, high plains grass land is a perfect habitat for pronghorn, whitetail and mule deer.horses at branding

Currently operated by Robert C. Cage II, the Wild Horse, Colorado ranch has two distinct cow herds. The Angus cross herd was first put together in 2003 from the finest Angus and Black Baldie cattle in Colorado and the surrounding states. This herd was finished and put on the map with the purchase of all of Tom Bradbury's (Bradbury Land and Cattle) bred heifers in 2006.

Our Beefmaster herd was developed by Claude Cage in the 1970's and remains one of the finest set of Beefmaster cow herds in the country. All of the cows are bred to the ultimate in quality and performing registered Angus and Hereford Bulls. Our cattle put on weight and preform all the way to the rail!

Bob and his wife, Christi Cage, run the Wild Horse ranch. Christi published the cookbook "Tried & True, Recipes from Colorado's Cattle Country" highlighting recipes from cattle ranches all over the state of Colorado. For more on the cookbook click here.